We've released Textual 0.2.0

🗓 Posted on Oct 23

I'm happy to announce the release of Textual 0.2.0. The headline feature of this version is CSS support, but frankly there are a lot more additional features and improvements than a minor version might suggest. The following video demonstrates a few of those features:

We've been working in a Git branch since the beginning of the year because we didn't want to leave the main version in a state of flux while we made significant changes to Textual's architecture. Fortunately the API has reached point where we don't anticipate it changing significantly between updates.

The API stability means we finally have documentation which we are very proud of! We draw our inspiration from such projects as Django and FastAPI.

The documentation and Textual itself are still very much a work in progress, but stable enough that we encourage you to use it for your next TUI project. Let us know what you build!


I'd like to thank the Textualize team for their efforts.

I'd also like to thank the beta testers who have helped us identify and fix issues in the last few weeks.

Will McGugan

CEO / Founder / Head code-monkey