Adding to the Gallery

Follow these instructions to add your project to either the Textual or Rich gallery pages.

You can add your project by creating a pull request for the repository. If you aren't familiar with pull requests, don't worry, its not difficult. You will be able to find plenty of help on the web. Here is a guide to PRs from Github.

Cloning the repository

First clone the repository, which is our entire website! Feel free to look around.

Required changes

You will need to add two files: a markdown file and an image. The markdown file should contain a brief description of your project plus meta information (details below). The image should be a screenshot of your project.

The Markdown file

For a Rich project, add your markdown file to For a Textual project add your markdown file to The filename should be the name of your project in lower case, with hyphens preferred over spaces or underscores.

The markdown should also contain a few fields in the front-matter at the beginning of the markdown:

  • title The full name of the project
  • codeUrl The URL to the project
  • docsUrl Optional URL to the projects documentation
  • categories A list of categories. Try to re-use one of the existing categories in the gallery if you can. Don't use more than 5 categories, but ideally 3 or less.

Here's an example of a markdown file with gallery front-matter:

title: Scalene
categories: [profiling]

A high-performance, high-precision CPU, GPU, and memory profiler for Python

The Image

The image should be a PNG file, no larger than 800x600 pixels. Try to use the best compression settings you can. The file should have the same name as your markdown file with the extension .png.

For a Rich gallery page, copy that file to For Textual, copy it to

Submit the PR

Submit a PR with the two files as above. Give us a few days to review it, and once merged you should see it on the site soon after.