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We are known for our Python projects: Rich and Textual in particular. Between them they are downloaded over 22 million times a month.

As the world's most popular programming language, Python has made a huge impact in a broad range of fields from data science to biology. At the same time, web development has become more and more specialized, putting it out of reach for the majority of developers.

We have a solution for that.

The case for Textual

Textualize Cloud Service

What to know more?

Follow our progress on the Textual Blog or visit the Textual Website for more information.


This is what we are building. All Free and Open Source software.

  • Rich

    The project which started it all.

    In 2020, Will McGugan wrote the first line of Rich, a project which would become one of the most popular in the Python ecosystem.

    Rich started out as a simple tool to colorize text, but has since grown in to a sophisticated library for beautiful formatting in terminal.

    Rich has over 42,000 GitHub stars and counting.


  • Textual

    Rapid Application Development, powered by Rich.

    Expect a lot more from your terminal with this modern API to build interactive applications on par with the Web and Desktop.

    Coming Soon

    Run Textual apps in the browser as easily as the terminal. Build web apps with just your Python skills.

    Textual Textual

About Us

We are a team of developers working from Edinburgh, Scotland; and remote.

  • Will McGugan

    Will McGugan

    CEO / Founder. Creator of Rich, Textual, PyFilesystem. Author.

  • Darren Burns

    Darren Burns

    Open Source developer. Creator of Ward, Dunk, And Kupo.

  • Dave Pearson

    Dave Pearson

    Free software advocate. Polyglot programmer.

  • rodrigogiraoserrao

    Rodrigo Girão Serrão

    Mathematician. Software developer. Educator.