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Presenting Textual — the lean application framework

Build with Python. Deploy anywhere.

image of a terminal

Get started in under
1 minute

Install Textual with pip:

pip install textual

And you’re done! Now run the following to get an impression of what it can do:

python -m textual

It starts in the terminal

Textual apps run in the terminal and can be deployed on the web

  • Powered by Python

    Use your existing Python skills to build sophisticated apps in a fraction of the time. No need to learn a new web stack every month.

  • Textual runs just about everywhere

    Textual apps run on macOS, Linux, and Windows — from single board computer to the most powerful server. Locally, or over SSH.

  • Deploy on the web

    Turn your terminal app in to a web application with no additional code. Share your Textual apps with a URL. Serve your apps from any internet connected device.


A new class of application

As straightforward and efficient to use as they are to build

Build with Textual

Lean text-based applications are ideal for many use-cases

  • Internal Tooling

    Textual apps can be an entry point into an organisation’s infrastructure, providing an interface to existing processes and tools.

  • Operational Analytics

    The realtime nature of Textual apps makes them particularly useful for monitoring the running of various processes.

  • Device Configuration

    Textual apps can run where other apps can't, which makes them ideal for device configuration.

  • Jupyter Extensions

    Coming soon: Embed Textual apps in your Jupyter notebooks!

  • Back-end Services

    Textual applications can be embedded within web pages, providing additional services to back-end tools.

Here’s what people are saying about us

  • I wrote TUI for hashicorp vault and nomad with awesome #textualize (and I’m using rich everywhere). Fun facts: I have more code to handle requests and parsing than for the UI

    9:53 AM - Sep 11, 2023

  • #textualize has become my favourite way to write TUI apps. simple, clean, elegant to use and beautifully documented

    12:09 PM - Sep 12, 2023

  • Textual has the most beautiful Python API that I've ever seen. The expressivity of Python is because the goal is "pseudocode you can execute" and I truly think Textual *gets* it

    1:00 AM - Sep 17, 2023

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